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EVERY Employee Type Handled For You: Part Time, Full Time, Contractors, etc.

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Automated & Paperless: Precise calculations and deductions.

Proactive Alerts: Stay prepared with alerts for birthdays, contract end dates & important deadlines.


Discover The Path To Payroll Liberation

Picture this... Late payments, messed-up taxes, and those never-ending rule changes turning your business into a bit of a nightmare.

Well... It’s not just the pile of paperwork that’s eating into your Netflix time; it’s that nagging feeling in the back of your mind. "What if I messed up?". This stuff can keep you up at night, stealing away those precious moments you could be using to actually grow your business or, you know, sleep.

And here’s the kicker... If you don’t get a grip on this payroll beast, it’s not just the hefty penalties we’re looking at. We’re talking about losing the trust of your team and maybe even putting your whole business on shaky ground. Yikes, right?


The Cold Hard Truth Is:

"Business Can Be Hard And Complicated"

let's get real...

  • How would it feel if you could have a huge part of it taken off your plate?

  • Would that bring you just a LITTLE peace of mind? And if so, would it be worth it?

Here's the thing... We want to see everyone succeed and still have a life OUTSIDE of their business. You started a business to have more time and money, NOT less time and more stress.

“Your business should’t run you.
You SHOULD run your business”

The Winning Formula For Every Successful Business

"Even Google and Apple don’t do everything themselves."

math time...

All great businesses know that “Time” is the most important factor in running a business. Your time is your most valuable resource and it must be used very wisely.

The truth is... There is no successful business that does not outsource some part of their business processes. ALL successful businesses do it...

"Do 1000x more by having a wealth of support
and expertise at your fingertips."

Business Process Strategic Outsourcing


Business Success




Make More Money
For Your Business.


Become an excel
spreadsheet expert

Dive Into the 20%
That Really Matters


After handing over the 80% busywork to us, boom—you've got all the time and energy you need to push your business to new heights.

Here's the deal... It's all about zeroing in on the big moves and stepping up as EXACTLY the boss your business deserves.

We're here to sweat the small stuff for you, so you can laser-focus on the accelerators for your growth.





A Proven Top-to-Bottom Payroll Management Service That Effortlessly Automates Your ENTIRE Payroll Workflow...

You Transform Your Payroll Process in 5 Days: Receive Effortless Payroll Handling That Grows With Your Business Without Lifting A Finger!

You Empower Your Team:
Unlock Comprehensive Employee Services That Erase Administrative Strains.

You Slash Your Tax Burdens:
Gain Expert Compliance That Shields Your Business From Fines.

...so you can finally feel what it’s like to have a business that runs itself instead of it running you.

See the Liberation Yourself

Real Stories from Businesses Liberated from Payroll Hassles...

HR Manager
CityWide Care Inc.

"Transitioning was Seamless and Saved Us Hours!"


“What stood out immediately was the ease of transition. I was concerned about the complexity and the time it would take to get everything up and running. However, choosing this service turned out to be one of the best decisions for our company. The transition was smooth, and the support team guided us every step of the way, ensuring no question went unanswered. We were up and running in just 5 days.”

Business Owner
Top Movers Inc.

"A Smart Investment
That Pays for Itself!"


“As a new business owner, I was hesitant about the investment for the payroll service. However, after much thought on how much time it would take and the potential errors, it became clear that the savings in time and the reduction in errors made more sense for our new business. Not to mention, the peace of mind knowing that we're always compliant with tax laws was much needed."

Office Manager

"They Earned Our Trust Through Unmatched Support and Reliability!"


“We were at the point were we needed to outsource our payroll. What impressed us most was the exceptional level of support through every step. Their team demonstrated a commitment to excellence, addressing every need with speed and precision. Each query was met with prompt, thoughtful responses. Their commitment to our business’s smooth operation has made them a valued partner in our growth."

A Closer Look At
What You're Getting

every feature designed with your business in mind...

Say Hello to
Smooth Payroll Days

Complete Payroll Processing: Accurate calculation of wages, deductions, and withholdings handling(EI, CPP, etc).

Payroll Hassles? We Don't Know Them.

Insightful Custom Reports: Make informed decisions with in-depth payroll reports.

Seamless Time Tracking Integration: Track and send hours to payroll effortlessly.

Overtime pay, sick pay, and vacation pay accuracy: Ensure all payments are accurate and compliant.

Payroll For Business Owners: Handling of salary payments for business owners themselves.

Business Payroll Account Creation: Setup of payroll account for businesses.

Both local and international employees: Ability to manage payroll for employees both in Canada & US.

Get Ready For A Smoother Tax Season

Payroll Tax Filing:
Completion of all your payroll-related tax filings to authorities.

Turning Tax Time into Peace of Mind Time.

Year-End Tax Forms: Preparation and distribution of T4’s and T4A’s for your employees and contractors.

Workers Compensation (WCB/WSIB): Setup of workers' compensation accounts, ensuring your business is protected.

Guaranteed Compliance: Stay ahead with up-to-date knowledge of regulations and labor laws.

Happy Employees, Smoothest Paydays

Direct Deposit & Paystubs: Offer direct deposit and provide employees with detailed paystubs.

Boosting Morale with Every Payroll Cycle.

Self-Service Employee Portal: Online portal for employees to access pay and tax information, reducing your admin tasks.

Employee Onboarding: Assist with the onboarding process for new hires.

Easy Time-Off Request Handling: Managing pay for time-off requests.

ROE's Provided and Submitted: Prompt provision and submission of Records of Employment when needed.

See Why Our Clients Say, "Our Business Has Never Been the Same!"

Traditionally...companies might spend thousands on in-house payroll processing, dealing with payroll challenges that drain time and resources.

As a special offer... we introduced our payroll solution, and the feedback was unanimous: our service alone revolutionized their approach to payroll management! And here’s the best part...

You don’t have to break the bank to achieve this transformation!

When You Choose Payroll Liberation, You Benefit From Over a Decade of Financial Expertise That Has Already Simplified Payroll for Hundreds of Businesses!

Whether you’re managing a team of five or five hundred... the reliability of your payroll process is crucial. Can you imagine the relief and operational advantage of a flawless payroll system?

But it’s not just about the immediate benefits...

...think about the long-term impact on your business. Streamlined payroll processes not only save you time and money now but also set you up for success. Because...

You Gain a Lifetime of Efficiency and Compliance, Removing the Headache of Payroll Management Forever!

Instead of risking thousands on uncertain solutions, why not opt for a proven service that guarantees results—at a fraction of the cost?

We’re offering you...the chance to leverage our expert-designed payroll liberation service—without the hefty price tag!

Payroll Liberation is available for just $149

Plus...you can move forward with confidence, knowing we’ve eliminated all the risk from your decision!

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Fixed Bi-Weekly Rate of $149 for up to 10 employees.

Cancel Anytime Policy. You can cancel the service at any time.

Flexible Payment Options. Accepting all major forms of payment.

No Setup Fees. Get Started Without Any Upfront Costs.

Have questions? Call us at +1(647)-738-3306. Or email us at info@innovativeprosolutions.com

With Our Ironclad Guarantees, You’re in Safe Hands

90-Day Satisfaction Seal:
If you're not completely satisfied within the first 90 days, we'll refund ALL service fees.

100% Accuracy Guardian:
We guarantee the accuracy of our payroll calculations and tax filings, or we'll fix it for free and cover any fines.

Absolute Compliance:
With experts on your side, stay compliant with payroll regulations, or we cover any fines incurred.

Timely Service Pledge:
Ensure your employees are paid on time, every time, or the next month is on us.

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